HAZAK is an organization founded by United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism in 2002 in recognition of the fact that the most rapidly growing demographic group in the Jewish community is people over the age of 55. There are currently 100 HAZAK chapters in synagogues in the USA.

The MISSION of Hazak at Congregation Etz Chaim is to renew old friendships, make new friends and enrich our synagogue life. Our programs are varied and adhere to the “three E’s” of Entertainment, Education and Eating!

HAZAK provides opportunities to reconnect with the congregation and each other, to enrich our personal and congregational lives, strengthen our community and become a voice for those 55 and better. We welcome all who what to attend synagogue members and non-members alike.

For more information about Hazak, contact Chava by calling the office today.

Some of our Past Hazak Events Included:

    • Music from around the world with two Carnegie Hall Musicians
    • A Senior Ventriloquist and Dessert Reception
    • Hazak Shabbat where our service was led by those 55 and better
    • Spring Time Planting Event where we created mini cacti gardens
    • Passover Wine and Charoset – Taste Test & Fest
    • The 4 Leads Barber Shop Quartet
    • Poignant reflections from the March of the Living