Taking Care of Each Other/Bikkur Cholim

5776 Year Long Cedar Village Initiative

This event was not one event but rather a synagogue wide initiative for 5776. Different committees and groups under our Synagogue umbrella have taken and will continue to take a Sunday each month and “host” an event at Cedar Village.

The purpose of this endeavor was threefold: to strengthen our connection with Cedar Village residents (both congregants and non-members), to help our older demographic not feel isolated and lastly to deepen the partnership of our Synagogue with Cedar Village.

This initiative started off with a one of kind game of “Jewish Cincinnati Monopoly” that we created. We worked with long time residents of Cincinnati and created a board with special highlights unique to our Cincinnati Jewish Community. Memories and stories poured forth as congregants and residents of Cedar Village played the game together.

Other Events have included: Chanukah celebrations with the preschool. Tu B’Shevat Eco-crafts with Hazak and the youth groups, a musical performance by our choir, a presentation of our Purim Shpiel, spring planting with the sisterhood, and a shabbat study session.

The year will end with a session for our congregants focusing on mitzvot of bikkur cholim, showing dignity to our elders, caring for parents/loved ones and other related topics.