Marriage Not Merger

We are merging.

We are two separate organizations with different histories, cultures, make ups and journeys and we are merging. Finances have been shared, data imputing is soon to take place, practices have been compared and we are merging.

However this is more than a merger.

Businesses merge, corporations, money lending institutions, companies – all merge. We are synagogues.

We are made up of individuals, each with a distinct and valid opinion for why they are members of their synagogue and what makes them love that membership. We are Jews who not only sit and negotiate across board room tables; we come together and pray together, read torah together, lead services together spend Shabbat together. We don’t only strategize and plan for the future we partake in each other’s lifecycle events, be it an auf-ruf or a shiva minyan.

We are partners.

Over the last year we stepped outside of our comfort zone and welcomed each other into our homes. Each synagogue hosted joint services and events and you can easily see how this was a “courtship.” First presenting our best selves, showing each other what we had to offer and what we were most proud of. Then over the year we learned to work together to create new events and services highlighting the best elements combined.

We are united.

Our congregants and leadership have all voted and proclaimed:

Yes! We have a future and our future includes each other!

Now – we seek to share that affirmation with our congregants and the community at a joyful celebration.

March 29, 2015

That will be the date that we will tell our children and grandchild, when we recount the tale of the founding of our new Synagogue. We will tell them how we rejoiced at a city wide celebration with leaders of the community there to offer blessings and well wishes. We will tell them of the laughter, the smiles, the hugs and the indescribable sense of pride and vigor that filled the hearts of everyone in attendance.

So you can see – this is way more than a merger…  this is commitment to our future.