Sheva Brachot

Our Celebration Is Just Beginning…

As is the tradition in Jewish Wedding, there are usually seven parties help to entertain the new couple, welcome them into the community and continue to experience the joy of a wedding. To honor that tradition we have created something quite special:

Sheva Brachot Shabbatot

Celebrating Synagogue Life
Shabbat April 3-4
Focus: Second Seder – See the Haggadah come to Life
Some Features Include: Transform your Pesach with us, catered meal, interactive & fun

L’dor V’dor Shabbat
Shabbat April 10-11
Focus: Memory, Yizkor and the gift of Identity
Some Features Include: The power of memory & leaving a Jewish legacy

Education Shabbat
Shabbat April 17-18
Focus: Accessible Education in a welcoming environment
Some Features Include: Learning sessions led by Greenspoon award winningEducation Director: Candy Kwiatek

Israel Connection Shabbat
Shabbat April 24-25
Focus: Our Israel, Our Homeland
Some Features Include: Israeli Shabbat Dinner, Dancing & Israeli Speakers

Ruach, Rhythm & Jews
Shabbat May 1-2
Focus: Shabbat Approved Ruach – Tap along to the heartbeat of Shabbat
Some Features Include: “Jazz” up prayer with percussion 101 & Saturday Movie Night

Sephardi Shabbat
Shabbat May 8-9
Focus: A Multicultural Experience like no other
Some Features Include: Sephardi Hazzan leading Friday Night Services followed by a Moroccan inspired Sephardic Shabbat dinner.

Women in Judaism
Shabbat May 15-16
Focus: The Strength of the Feminine
Some Features Include: Sisterhood Shabbat – services and d’vrei torah led by our talented women leaders, songs by Pri Yadeiha our Women’s Choir