We Are All Founders

Dear Founders of Congregation Etz Chaim,

We are in the process of blending and getting to know one another. As founding members, we owe it to ourselves to make great use of our hands, and to extend them as we introduce ourselves to one another; to open our hands to volunteer for projects and synagogue needs, and to use them to dig-in while we plant and nurture the roots of the tree of life we are building together.

The ground work has been laid and we have brought our family into existence. To build from the roots we have established, we must all invest in nurturing what we have and are creating. This will mean investing our individual and collective resources in order to provide the care it will take to help us grow.

Our congregation enjoys many benefits, as we have a large number of dedicated volunteers, and staff that continually works as the glue that holds together all of the pieces we are merging. We enjoy dinners and luncheons at reasonable costs and we enjoy having weekly programs that serve the various needs our congregants each week.

Our goal is to make every event reasonable and available to each and every congregant, whether it be the young family with 2 or three children, the older couple on a fixed income, the single parents, and the many other individual families that comprise our family tree.

We enjoy these benefits, without our leadership continually holding out their hands to ask for your financial help. Instead, we choose to make this a family that is supported through donations at our congregational fundraisers. These fundraisers, which are few and far between, support our programs, our ritual needs, our staff, our educational needs as well as our spiritual and social needs.

We are the founders of the Etz Chaim family, and now is time to invest in what we are building. We need your time, your expertise, your volunteerism, your financial support and your feedback.

But most of all we need you.

Join our Synagogue today and help us realize our vision.